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The past week and a half the weather here has been crazy. I feel as if I have been living in a rain forest! The plants love it and so do I. The cob house however, does not! We had to keep the house covered for a few days so the walls weren’t able to dry as quickly. I don’t mind so much though because everything here is absolutely beautiful and in full bloom. It is inspiring to see everything growing while my house is too.

On the rainy days I read as much as I could. Researching everything from ancient cob to timber framing. While researching I found an old article talking about how in old cob houses they used “shillet”; small gravel sized pieces of shale. Then it hit me, substitute shillet instead of screenings. Luckily for us there is a shale pit right above the cabin.

Shillet 🙂

So we made a test batch. Two parts sub-soil, one part creek sand, and one part shillet. It turned out to be the best batch of cob we have made so far!

Incredibly… we have everything on the property that we need other than straw bales. We are actually waiting/looking for some right now. Then we can start building up the north walls!

Trevor and Alexor

We had a lot of help this past week. My cousin Jake stopped by and helped us finish some foundation work. Alexors brother Trevor came up and helped us get ready for straw bales on the north wall.

Alexors mother DMarie, his aunt Darlene, and his cousin Mitchell also came up and cobbed!

DMarie and Darlene mixing their first batch of cob

Darlene adding straw

My family was in town due to a new arrival! My younger sister Joslyn had a beautiful baby girl and my whole family got together for Memorial Day weekend. I have a really big family! 🙂 Alexor and I took a much needed break and hung out with everyone.

My mother Mitchelle, my dad John, my sister Audrey, and my two younger sisters Clare and Gracie, and my baby brother Jack came up to check out our new place. They helped us clean up/organize the site and cleared some invasive bushes away from our retaining wall.

The next day my sisters Emma, Myah, Clare, and Gracie came up and helped us gather materials and cob.

Alexor, Mitchell, Emma, Myah, Clare, and Gracie screening sand

After gathering two loads full of sand we all went up and started cobbing.

Emma and Myah seemed to enjoy mixing cob

Clare too! 🙂

I am pretty sure everyone did!

Because of all the help we have gotten lately we were able to build up our north walls and to put in our very first window!

First Window

Outside view of window

Thanks to everyone who has come out to help us so far. You all are greatly appreciated!


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