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As the walls go up…

So much has happened in the last two months. The most incredible part of building, to me, is picking out where you want a window, niche, or a rock shelf, ect, and then watching it being built up and around with your hands. While cob is sometimes very strenuous it is also ridiculously relaxing. You get into the zone and go into your own little world. Every thing you do just flows as you imagine what the wall will look like when it is done.

Through out this process I have learned so much, not only about natural building, but also about myself. You learn your strengths and use them to your advantage. You also learn your weaknesses and work on them. I am realizing more and more that cob is not only physical but it is mental as well. When you don’t see instant progress, sometimes that can feel overwhelming. “Maybe I won’t get my house done by winter.” Sometimes  you see so much progress in one day that it really uplifts your spirit. You just keep going, keep working and it begins to piece together like a big puzzle.  I love it 🙂

Every window on the house now has a hand print! My way of saying we built this with our hands.

We have been doing a lot of night cobbing thanks to John and Michelle Connor! They gifted us an absolutely amazing solar light system. We have been mixing and building at night!

We also just bought some scaffolding! Which will most definitely come in handy, as the walls are getting higher!

Luckily for me… pictures are worth a thousand words 🙂


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