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We have battled many things this summer! Our biggest challenge has been the weather. In spring we had so much rain, later on we had a small drought and for the past week nothing but rain. All of this wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if we had built our roof first. I am making note for our next house!

A lot has happened since the last post. We finally finished the cellar!! It has been a very long process. We dug it all out by hand with a pick-ax, shovel and buckets! I am very excited to finally be done with it!

China anyone?

Our cellar idea is completely experimental. Since the hole we were digging was solid clay we thought about leaving it and just building a roof but then we started thinking about using cob. Why not? We are young enough to try out new ideas. Thinking (hard) turned into doing! We started collecting tons (literally) of stone, started mixing cob, and then started building up the walls.

We started adding shelves

The walls are narrower at the bottom and slowly widen out as they get higher. We thought that it would make the hole more structurally sound. We also wet the clay walls down and tried to meld the cob with the clay wall. It may not stick but who knows. Redundancy! Redundancy! Redundancy!

More Shelves!

Interesting view of the cellar

Last shelf in

We finished building up the walls and started cutting down trees. Building the roof was pretty easy. Nothing compared to the roof design I am working on now and the work it will take to finish the first floor on the cob house!

Alexor pre-drilling holes

We secured the roof of the cellar by notching the wood, screwing it together, and then cobbing all around the side of the locust posts.

finishing touches

After covering the larger posts with chicken wire we filled in the gaps with smaller posts and then started cobbing over the roof. We also leveled out the floor surrounding the cellar and filled it in with rocks.

Need more rocks!

After we finished pouring our rock floor we then started our first layer of earthen floor!

How many tons of rocks?


It seemed like this day would never come! Digging a hole isn’t as much fun as cobbing but it is completely worth it! Food (wine) storage is just as important as having a home!  🙂


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